Centre Céramique

The bustling, cultural heart of Maastricht. The Centre Céramique is located directly on the Meuse river, between the old city centre of Wyck ...
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City Library Aachen

Aachen City Library is open to the public.  It is a centre for books, media and information and contains the central library with its library ...
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Exhibition John Beckers

The Public Library of Valkenburg hosts the exhibition John Beckers. Around 25 years ago John Beckers tried to use a brush on canvas! In his work ...
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Exhibiton 'Mieljaar!'

This exhibition renders an image of the development of Maastricht from a reserved provincial town to an international city in the heart of Europe. ...
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Glaspaleis Schunck

SCHUNCK* is a 'newseum', housing in the monumental Glaspaleis (glass palace), built by architect Frits Peutz in 1935. SCHUNCK* is a multidisciplinary ...
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Old Town Hall Cultural Centre

This meeting point for fans of art and the minor arts brings together the town library, a cultural archive, the town music and art school and rooms ...
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Provincial Library

The Provinciale Bibliotheek Limburg (Provincial Library Limburg), or PBL, has a special task to fulfil for both Limburg and the city of Hasselt in ...
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Public library Valkenburg

The public library, branch of the Heuvelland Libraries, fills a very important cultural, recreational, informative and educational function in the ...
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Rijckheyt: centre for regional history

Rijckheyt is the centre that stores historic archives and collections of the following municipalities: Brunssum, Gulpen-Wittem, Heerlen, Nuth, ...
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SUPERNOVA - A bizar collection of uncommon occurrences

This exhibition looks back on some of the most memorable moments from the last 25 yhears of streetfestival 'Cultura Nova'.  It includes ...
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