About Charlzz

Charlzz.com is the first online platform that provides you with extensive information about leisure activities in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine area and further. Our employees represent the three countries in the Euregion and therefore have an extensive network of contacts within the various countries. The Charlzz team also has experience in cross-border marketing.

Charlzz.com offers information about Art & Culture, Music, Events, Shopping, Overnight Stay, Wining, Dining, Dancing, Recreation, Sport, Wellness & Relaxation; in short about everything to do with recreation and leisure.

Charlzz.com is easily accessible and provides information in Dutch, German, French and English. The search options are well-organised and inviting to make sure that the website is appealing to both young and old. It is also possible to make online reservations.

The mission of Charlzz.com is to stimulate cross-border tourism for the inhabitants of the Euregion Meuse Rhine as well as for visitors.

Charlzz.com: the website the Euregion is looking for!